Do You Know When To Potty Train Your Child?

Every parent always looks forward to that time when her baby will start using the potty.

It is evident that every mom wants to stop using diapers.

Assisting children to learn to use the toilet is an exciting step for both the parent and the baby.

But how do you know when to start potty training your child?

If you have the same question, continue reading below to find out when to potty train a girl or boy.

When is the right time to start potty training?

Even if you are a first-time mom or have other kids, you can quickly know the right time to potty train a toddler.

While there is no specified age, you can still decide not to train your child.

Here are a few things that will indicate it is the right time to prepare your child to use the toilet.

Your Child Is Copying Others…

With regards to using a potty, then you should know that this is the right time to potty train a toddler.

Some children go as far as taking their friends’ potties.

However, in many cases, when kids copy others, they may not require instructions from you. This makes it easier for you.

toddler potty training

If Your Child Can Remove Their Pants…

When it comes to girls, potty training becomes even more complicated.

It is necessary to monitor your toddler close and to know her behaviors.

Most parents often want to know when to potty train a girl because of the dressing style.

Well, if the toddler can take off his or her pants and put them back, it is the right time to train.

If she can’t, then you need to ensure your child knows how to do it first before knowing to use a toilet.

I know you want to know when to potty train a boy.

If a child regardless of sex knows how to pull their clothes up and down, it is a major indication it is the right time to potty train the toddler.

This only means they can use the toilet independently.

The Child Can Control When To Poop Or Pee…

This is one of the significant signs of that you should start potty training your toddler.

Evidently, you are not going to expect this from a child less than two years.

While some parents begin potty training their toddlers as early as four months, it is not recommendable.

The reason is that a baby below two years cannot control when to poop or pee as the rectum and bladder control muscles are immature.

The muscles mature when the child is between 18 months and two years.

In most cases, such kids can keep a dry diaper longer than usual.

If you see your child doing any of the above, then this is right time when to potty train your toddler and help her through this challenging developmental stage.

when to potty train a boy
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Extra Tips: How to start potty training a toddler

Perhaps you now know when to potty train a boy or girl and are not sure how to do it.

Just like every stage of her life, potty training is not different.

While it may appear like a complicated process, with a positive attitude, you can do it.

Make it an exciting and momentous occasion for the both of you.

Here is how you should train your toddler.

Teach Them To Pull Down Their Clothes

This is the first thing you should do when you potty train a girl or a boy.

Help them know that before they sit on the potty, your child should first pull up their clothes and then down after they finish.

It will help avoid dirtying clothes as your child poops.

Help Your Child Clean Themselves

This is another most challenging part.

When you potty train a toddler, ensure you show how to clean themselves.

The child might have seen you or friends doing it but are they cleaning the right way?

Health specialists say when cleaning a girl, you should do so from front to back. This is to avoid infection.

This is a big one of the biggest differences because it doesn’t apply when you are potty training your boy.

Teach your child how to do it and explain why they should do so.

when to potty train a girl
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Teach The Child The Words

At the age of two years, a child can speak and understand.

When you start potty training a toddler, teach your child some words that they should use when they want to go to the poop or ease themselves.

The familiar words that you should inform the children include I want to poop or pee.

It may be difficult for others to know what your child is saying but it’s clear that a parent will know what the baby said.

Put Dirty Diaper In The Potty

All you want is to see your toddler use the potty without difficulty.

The best way to help them understand the purpose of the potty is to put the dirty diaper in the potty.

This will help them understand why they need to use it whenever they feel like they need to poop or pee.

Show Your Child How To Sit On The Potty

Usually, most kids will not want to sit on the potty.

This can be one of the problematic situations you do not want to face.

Every time you want to potty train a toddler, ensure you make it appear practical.

Allow your child to see you use the toilet, or other kids use the potty.

Explain to the toddler what you are doing. This might interest the child to want to use it as well.


When to potty train a toddler is one of the most commonly asked questions by many parents.

Even before you start to potty train your girl or boy, make the equipment attractive.

You can decorate it with some colors that will make her love it even more.

While some parents would want to reward their kids for every successful use of the potty, there are other things that you can do to make the child love using her potty.

Don’t forget to teach your child to clean their hands after visiting the toilet or using the potty.

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