The Ultimate Guide On How To Potty Train A Girl

how to potty train a girl

When it comes to how to potty train a girl, it can be done earlier as compared to boys sometimes. Girls are not easily distracted, and this makes their training simpler and faster.

Most parents keep wondering whether it is the right time to potty train a girl or not. While it may appear easier, it is imperative that you know how to potty train a girl.

If you are looking for ways to potty train a girl, below are some fantastic potty training tips for girls. Check this out!

Ways To Potty Train A Girl

You may have searched on Google, asked friends or parents, but you are yet to find the reliable ways to potty train a girl. Look no further!  We will show you excellent methods to potty train a girl in a week.

Get The Right Tools

All children are not the same. Before you get the training tools, identify the uniqueness of your girl and how she learns.

Some kids may be uncomfortable starting potty training on toilets. Some children get frightened by the automatic flushing feature in adult bathrooms.

Not only that but some also think they can fall into the toilet. Therefore, it is necessary for you to invest in a small toilet that is child-friendly.

Use Picture Books

Kids love and enjoy imitating others, from their fellow kids to adults. Using potty picture books is one of the ways to potty train a girl without having to struggle on what to do or tell her next.

Buy her picture books that show another girl using a potty. Pictures may show the girl from the start of the process to the end. Illustrations may have explanations but ensure you politely explain to her what the girl in the picture is doing.

This will make her understand precisely the purpose of the potty you bought for her.
Soon or later you will find that your girl has started imitating what she saw in the pictures.

Also, read the books such as Hopkins Uses the Potty with and let her feel that she too can use hers like the other toddler.

ways to potty train a girl

Use Videos Or Apps

Watching potty time videos together with your toddler is one of the best ways to potty train a girl. Well, we are in a digital world and videos are turning out to be everything from marketing to entertainment.

Are you wondering how to potty train a girl using videos? Let your girl watch videos of other kids heading over to their potties. The videos are significant resources for helping a child know how to use a potty while learning good habits.

Apart from being beneficial to your daughter, these videos contain potty training tips for girls and advice to parents. Before you go to ask a friend how to potty train a girl, consider using videos that you and your girl can watch together.

For example, some apps feature animals going to use to their potties. Animations work best when it comes to training girls. Seeing animals talk makes it fun. They would want to look at the animals pee on the potties every time as well as emulate.

Put Food Coloring In The Potty

There are several ways to potty train a girl without making her hate the training. Consider putting food coloring in the potty and tell her to pee on it. Girls get attracted to different colors.

And just like other kids, they get amazed when they do something new. Let her see how the food coloring changes color when she pees on it. This will make the train more fun. You girl will without a doubt look to forward to potty time.

Buy Her Pants

It is common sense that girls love being clean as compared to boys. You obviously want to know how to potty train a girl by buying her pants.

Tell your little girl that big girls like her do not wear diapers or poop on them. They wear pants and pee or poop on potties.

You will notice that she will want to be that big girl that wears a diaper. If possible make it practical by showing her what you are wearing. After all who doesn’t want to associate herself with the big fish anyway?

Potty Training Tips For Girls

After learning how to potty train a girl, you obviously want some tips that will make a permanent habit for your child. You do not want your girl to go back peeing in her diaper after a few days. Here are fascinating of the potty training tips for girls.

Be Consistent And Understandable

Now that you have gotten the right tools from the potty to the books, ensure you are clear when communicating with your child.

Do not talk to her as if talking to an adult. Don’t ask her if she wants to go the toilet. Being a child, she might think the opposite.

Tell her to tell you when she needs to go. It gives her a sense of power and responsibility. Consistency is key in the potty training process.

Create a schedule

We all have our programs. Understand the needs of your girl and create a routine. This will help her to avoid peeing on her clothes.

Remind her that it is 30 minutes since her last poo. You will soon realize that she has become accustomed to it that she is now the one reminding you.

You can also use a potty training watch to keep time of how long its been since the last time she has gone to the potty.

potty training tips for girls

Be Patient

Even the Bible says love is patient. Do not potty train a girl today and expect her to stick to the training forever. While there those who learn and adapt to situations faster, children are different.

Be patient with her and avoid punishing her unnecessary. Take her through the training until she understands that using a potty is better than a diaper.


While doing all these might make the process successful, many girls prefer that their parents stay by their side when using the toilet.

Make her feel that a potty is not a bad thing and you are there too and would love to see her using it. Make her feel comfortable and give lots of praise when she uses the potty.

Now that you have all the tools on how to potty train a girl you might be wondering when’s the best time to start.  Click here to learn when your little girl is ready to start potty training!


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