The Ultimate Guide On How To Potty Train A Boy

potty training tips for boys

Parenting can be the most exciting time in your life, but it comes with its challenges.

Sometimes you are forced to guess because there is no parenting school in the entire world.

Though raising children can be challenging, you have a different experience with each gender.

Knowing how to potty train a boy is crucial because their training doesn’t start as earlier as that of girls.

If you are a mom and struggling to potty train a boy, we are about to share astounding potty training tips for boys.

Reduce Fluids At Night

The easiest way to potty train a boy is to start limiting fluids at night.

Potty training is a significant step in your son’s life.

You will have to limit liquids such as juice, coffee, and milk. If your son is a fan of taking liquids, start reducing fluids little by little.

Kids can’t control themselves, by reducing drinks a few hours to bedtime, can help the boy stay dry all night.

As a result, your boy will not have to feel or hate using a potty. Do not limit drinks in a way that will make your kid angry.


Let him Watch Dad Use The Toilet

One thing I like about kids is that they imitate everything their eyes come across.

You have probably been searching for the best way on how to potty train a boy.

Watching their father pee is one of the best ways you can use to potty train your son.

The child will have a chance to see how the male body operates; he will see how his father stands, holds his thing before and after easing himself.

You are guaranteed that after watching dad two or three times, your son will without a doubt want to use the potty and do what his father does.

As the old adage goes like father like son.

This is one of the natural and best potty training training tips for boys. It works like magic.

While this is a natural way, it is advisable that father who let their kids watch them tell them what they are doing it.

Fathers should also discuss with their boys they reason they are doing it in the toilet and not in the kitchen.

If not explained clearly, kids might end up using the kitchen sink or something else they consider appropriate.

how to potty train

Do Not Switch Off The Nightlight

Most parents think potty training is only meant for the daytime.

If you feel that way, you should change your mindset, and that is not how to potty train a boy or any other child.

Potty training ought to be an exercise that is meant to get results both during the day and night.

Therefore, ensure you do not switch off the nightlights.

This will make it easier for him to use the potty at night without being scared away by the darkness.

Let the boy use the potty both day and night.

If you switch them off, the boy will be scared to go and get the potty due to the darkness.


 Train Him While Sitting

If it is about how to potty train a boy, we encourage that you train him sitting at first.

As we said earlier, kids can’t control themselves as adults do. Sitting training will help avoid the child from peeing while pooping on the floor.

The best potty training for a boy is by sitting.

This is at least until he has fully understood everything and has shown complete control of his bladder and muscles.

Allow him to pee while standing if you are sure there will be no accidents.



They say practice makes perfect.

There are no other better potty training tips than practicing over and over again.

Now that the boy can pee while standing, it is time to practice it relentlessly.

This perhaps is one of the funniest methods of completing the training. Use something like cereals, dyed ice cubes, or stones in the potty.

Let the boy aim at them as he pees while standing.

Potty training ought to be something that child is excited to do and wants to show his age mates.

Make the practice as fun as possible.

The idea is to ensure the boy aims better at the items you put in his potty.

This is so you can help avoid future mess especially when you go out with him.

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Do The Training Outside

Who said that training girls is simpler than boys?

One other natural way to train a boy is to do it outdoor. Some kids are scared of the toilet auto flushing aspect.

If you have such a boy, doing it outside will make it simpler for you.

If you have a private yard and the weather is appealing, take your potty training outdoor.

Let the boy pee behind and tree.

It will help him understand that privacy is also essential when pooping or peeing.

You will find that your son loves his new way of peeing and privacy he gets.

Doing it outside will help him understand that it is a bad thing to mess up himself.


Get Him Potty Training Videos

We all know that boys love watching videos. Some videos may be animated.

Watch the videos together with your boy. Let him see the animals go to use their potties, wipe themselves and everything else.

This is another great potty training tips for boys if you want him to have good toilet habits.

After watching the videos, ask your boy what he saw, and help him practice do it just like in the video.

You can as well use the video to encourage your son.

Tell him he can do it better than those in the video. Give him something to motivate him.


Parenting is for both mom and dad.

Potty training for boys can be achieved if both parents work together.

While moms can potty train a girl alone and succeed, it is essential that fathers take the responsibility when it comes to boys.

The next time a mom asks you how to potty train a boy, tell her to head over here and check our fantastic potty training tips for boys.

Now that you are an expert on how to potty train a boy do you know your baby boy is ready to start potty training.

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